Android Development

If you’re looking for the most advanced Android team with deep understanding of all things Android-related, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years, our team has created their own distinctive development process and code-base which makes creating top-notch Android products easier and faster.

Development Stack

We concern about code quality and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and the newest practices in industry. We use the MVP pattern in order to separate the business logic from the UI, so we make our apps more maintainable and testable. The codebase is followed with Dagger for dependency injection, Retrofit and Moshi/Gson for networking, Mockito and AssertJ for testing. We spice up our code with RxJava and use Kotlin to make less verbose and easier to read and write.

Development Process

We must have the latest code in a safe place, so we make an adaption of GitFlow. Every single change is tested and checked for stability through continuous integration, code review and QA test. Clients have the ability to download any latest versions of our apps via our in-house platform for APK sharing.

Our Projects

We’ve completed numerous successful Android projects over the years. Here is just a small sampling of our most recent creations:

The online destination for your thirst needs

CMS / MOBILE Beverages Ecommarce

One application for all your kids needs

CMS / MOBILE Toys Ecommarce