iOS Development

Our iOS developers are at top of their class. Thanks to their outstanding experience of working in the Apple development environment, they will be able to create the most suitable iOS app according to your specification and budget expectations. Developing your own app in Apple’s App Store is the matter of prestige for a reason. Show your customers and competition how advanced you truly are.

Development Process

Swift and Objective-C programming language is used to develop every iOS app. In order to reduce state and make the codebase more readable and understandable, we use the protocol-oriented and functional reactive programming. All developers are forced to write clean codes which are testable and flexible. This is the best alternative way of development that had been proven instead of using the typical “Massive View Controller” that destroys many iOS apps today. We are so strict towards maintaining and continuously improving the code we write.

Test-Driven Development

Because we give deep attention to the quality of our software, there is an automated test within the test-driven development that enables us to receive a high quality software in every single step of our development process. While testing helps to ensure how we follow a careful writing and it helps to clarify any possible doubts before writing the application codes. The automated test prevents bugs from destroying previous written functionalities in our apps while receiving new features. This kind of process will enable us to make various daily builds and receive new features continuously, which will allow the clients to have stable builds every day.

Recent projects

Although we’ve created an array of unique apps, they all have a few things in common: They are rock-solid, beautifully designed and used across the globe.

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