Quality Assurance

Nizek has built it’s reputation around delivering exceptional unique user experiences. Our QA professionals ensure that the final product meets the expectations and demands of our client.


Software testing is the core of quality assurance. Every development project is covered by its own testing strategy, while our test cases are documented and transparent. During the project’s lifecycle, a QA engineer is hired to run smoke tests, regression tests, ad-hoc and exploratory tests, stability tests, functional and acceptance tests. Testing is the step that happens many times during the development not only at the end. The QA engineers use UI automation tools to accelerate and strengthen the testing process when the unit tests are done by developers.


The design team should be supported to organize user testing in order to get valuable feedback from users to find how much it fits the targeted personas and demographic. Our usability lab comes in since UX is necessary for success.

Quality Metrics

Now tracking the improvement of products is needed in order to ensure that all products satisfy the criteria of stability, usability, usefulness, desirability and value for the client and the end-user.


The QA engineers merge smoothly with all teams to drive projects forward. Giving feedback to the design team or making costumer support may not be a traditional element of software testing, but for sure the quality assurance is being polymorphic and does whatever it can, to produce the best software experience ever for our clients.