Research & Discovery

Unique flawless digital experiences are born form deep and correct understanding of your target audience’s needs and expectations, aligning that with your business objectives through our collaborative research and discovery process is what will give you the winning edge.


Each project has a different way of treatment right from the beginning. After a deep understanding of your goals and needs, we turn your project into actionable objectives. We aim to produce a flawless user experience.

All Stakeholders Aboard

By connecting with the product manager and logistics executive to marketing and CEO, each stakeholder should contribute to the digital product of our creation for an inevitable success. For the same reason, we, at Nizek gather a multidisciplinary team at the outset of all projects, which includes UX researchers, UI designers, quality assurance professionals and business experts.

Human-Centered Approach

End-users are the main factor of any discovery workshop we run, even though stakeholders sometimes don’t have enough knowledge about the users they’re dealing with. That’s why we put enough time and effort to understand your user’s needs and expectations to maximize the impact of your business.

From Idea to Project

Creating an intuitive and meaningful digital experience should be done by mapping out the user’s needs and business goals, while software development is not a charted territory. This might lead to steer your vision in to the wanted direction, besides saving your time and money in the long run within its result in alerting objectives and the scope of your digital product. At the end of the research and discovery process, a deeper experience into many information that will serve as a perfect guide for the development phase will be achieved, such as the audience, proof-of-concept, user-tested prototypes and integrations roadmap.